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Citizen Science

If you are interested in learning more about nature and contributing to science there are several Citizen Science Projects that might interest you. Below are links to projects which focus on Monarch Butterflies, Migrating Birds and Pollinating Bees.  In an indirect way these citizen science projects support the study of animals that are closely associated with Tallgrass prairie in Ontario.   

For example at Journey North you can report your own sightings of Monarch Butterflies during spring and fall migration. You can view maps of sightings reported by thousands of other citizen scientists. This information is used by scientists to study population dynamics and help conserve the habitat of this endangered butterfly.  

Audubon and National Geographic have declared 2018 as Year of the Bird. “2018 marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the most powerful and important bird-protection law ever passed.” The Cornell Lab of Ornithology hosts several citizen science projects that tracks migrating birds.  

Native bumblebees have suffered population declines over the past decade. These insects are essential to the pollination of many native flowering plants as well as agricultural crops. Bumble Bee Watch is a citizen science project through the partnership of The Xerces Society, the University of Ottawa, Wildlife Preservation Canada, BeeSpotter, The Natural History Museum, London (U.K.) and the Montreal Insectarium.  You can report your sightings, learn about bumblebees and see other citizen science reports.  

There are many citizen science initiatives in which to get involved. You can have fun with science and learn something new, and it’s rewarding to know that you’ll also be helping scientists with their research”.

Tallgrass Ontario (TgO)

Welcome to the Tallgrass Ontario (TgO) website. The extensive content on our website is divided into three main sections. Each page has an expanded menu for its section in the left sidebar.

Bluestem Banner Header Download the latest edition of the Bluestem Banner (pdf) by clicking on the image to the left.  Go to the Bluestem Banner page for archived editions.

A Message from the President

Tallgrass Ontario
is a leader in restoring and protecting rare grasslands across Southern Ontario. We work with landowners, foundations, municipalities, provincial and federal funding agencies to provide habitat management services and to improve Tallgrass Prairie ecosystems. Information about our efforts can be found on this website.
In the three-year period ending in 2015 we provided hands-on maintenance on 43 privately-owned grassland sites in Southern Ontario. In 2018 Tallgrass Ontario has 4 projects in progress focusing on maintaining existing grassland in a healthy state, protecting rare plants such as Bird’s foot violet and Slender bush clover and enhancing habitat for pollinating insects including Monarch butterflies.
Please consider donating to Tallgrass Ontario. Your donation will support:

  • Updating our recovery plan which will assist TgO in protecting and restoring more remnant prairies in Southern Ontario,  
  • Production of information booklets supplied for events and meetings to educate the public about the rarity of these ecosystems and the steps required to protect them,
  • Boots-on-the-ground maintenance to ensure grasslands and savannas remain healthy. This work includes prescribed burning, invasive species removal, control of competing native vegetation, enlargement of remnant tallgrass areas, mowing of sites where prescribed burning is not possible and other management activities.

Tallgrass Ontario is an all-volunteer organization which relies on member donations and government grants to carry out our important work.  Our administration costs are among the lowest of Canadian environmental charities.

All donations will be used for Tallgrass Ontario's activities to support Ontario’s grasslands including outreach, education, remnant restoration and habitat creations.  Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference restoring grasslands where they are in decline and maintaining them where they are still found.  By donating you will be helping our efforts to restore and protect these rare landscapes.

Donating is easy – go on-line to our website and donate at Canada Helps at http://www.tallgrassontario.org/ . The Canada Helps button is on the upper right-side of our home page.  A charitable tax receipt will be forwarded upon receipt of your donation. 

Steve Rankin
President, Tallgrass Ontario