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Pollinator Habitat

There is increasing awareness about the importance of native bees and other pollinating insects and the role they play in food production. Honeybees were the workhorses of the pollinators, but today they need help. There are not as many wild populations of honey bees as there once were, any the ones living in hives are struggling. One of the reasons are tiny little mites that live inside the bees and sap them of energy.  

Whatever the reasons for the decline in honeybees, we are realizing that native bees and other insects have an import role to play, As well were are becoming more aware that our native bee species are struggling. Recently the rusted-patched Bumblebee joined the Barn Owl and badger as an endangered species in Ontario. Many other species are on the waiting list to being assessed as species at risk.

Photo by C. Quinlan

Photo by K. Breault